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TON Labs is the core developer of the Free TON Network; a decentralized, community-driven blockchain and its major component — TON OS.

TON OS is a full-fledged, vertically integrated technology stack that helps developers work easily with the blockchain and makes it simple and intuitive for users (


— Study a very complex technical ecosystem with its products: public API, Libraries, tools, services. All the documentation (not a complete one but very extensive) is in English

— Monitor and support a big telegram community, inner company channels and GitHub for bug reporting, feature requests, questions about products

— Reproduce bugs and describe them in an appropriate way before assigning them to developers

— Help users understand how to use products

— Detect lack of documentation

— Create tickets for bugs 

— Create tickets for new documentation

— Actualise old bugs (communicate with users)

You need to have experience or eager to gain experience in the following stack:

Products/services: Services (Rust, Node.js), Libraries (Rust, Javascript), CLI tools. 

Languages: Rust, Javascript

Databases: ArangoDB

Protocols: GraphQL, REST

Platforms: Node.js, React-Native (web, android, iOS), Web, Linux, MacOs, Windows. 

Infrastructure: Docker, Jenkins, Prometheus, Graphana, Jaeger

Contacts: @Marina0733 or

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